Series of drawings depicting plants from Andalucia.

Early December, afternoon, the warmest moment of the day. Basking in the sun in the empty park, where people rather don’t hang out during siesta time. Observing this what is so unusual for me to see in my surroundings. Orange trees – the contrast of green leaves and bright, clear orange fruits is so surprising for my eyes. Pomegranats – their irregular shapes and the texture of their skin are asking for my attention. Many fruits are already opened, and, inpatient to be collected, show their fascinating inside structures. The nature around me invites me so nicely with its warming sun beams that I decide to explore it and describe with the language of drawing. And indoors it is so much colder that I have no doubts – it’s better to stay outside.

This is how evolved my artistic approach to nature. From focusing on expressing human experiences, I came to concentrating on beauty of expression of the outside world. When I was living in the central Europe, most of my artworks depicted plants in ways that evoked reflections of a sensitive individual in relation to the world. They were either free interpretations of forms found in nature or imaginary plants. However, when I moved to the southern Spain, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the overwhelming variety of species around me. Each plant had its own expression and aroused emotional reaction in me. Each plant had its distinctive features and role in the environment what made me increasingly hungry for knowledge. In this way, I found the main objective for my new drawing project: exploring the nature and highlighting its expression.

The gallery below presents few drawings from the series Plants of Andalucia. In future posts I will say more about each work and each plant. The project is still going on, therefore you are welcome to observe the process of creation.

Would you like to see what was my artistic attitude to nature in previous projects? Have a look at my printmaking works:

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