Art inspired by nature, especially by the world of plants.

I draw stories found in a forest and I invite you to have a closer look at fascinating nature details. Contemplating nature is invaluable for our sense of well-being and for me it is also a great source of inspiration. When observing plants, their fragile structures, their sensitivities, their postures, and the combinations their shapes make with each other, I imagine stories happening between them and I often make associations with human experiences and feelings. I hope that my art will make you want to go to the forest and explore the natural wonderland in your surroundings.


Art Passiflora

My name is Joanna Klepadlo and I was born in Szczecin, Poland, in 1990. I completed a master’s degree in printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland in 2016. During recent years I have been continuing my artistic activity in several countries. Living in changing locations results in creating works inspired by the natural environment of different regions.

My main forms of expression are drawing, printmaking (intaglio) and acrylic painting. My work is inspired by nature, especially by the world of plants. In my botanical work I use mostly drawing techniques such as pencil, coloured pencils, pen and ink. I hope that my work will help to spread the knowledge about natural environment and build the bridge between art and science.


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